Wrexham Town of Sanctuary - Refugees Welcome in Wales

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What is a Town of Sanctuary? 

A Town of Sanctuary is a welcoming place of safety for all, where people are proud to offer sanctuary to those fleeing violence and persecution. It is a place where the contribution of refugees and asylum seekers is valued & welcomed.  

Wrexham Town of Sanctuary is part of a national movement of local people and community groups working to make their communities places of welcome and safety.

Wrexham has for years offered welcome to people whose lives are in danger in their own countries. Many have lost their homes and families but have brought new skills, music, food, and commitment to our town.

TCC is working with several other organisations and groups, hoping to make Wrexham a Town of Sanctuary. This is so we can celebrate the contribution of the many people who have come here for safety.  To reduce isolation and division.  To spread a culture of hospitality and support throughout the whole of Wrexham. 

Wrexham is the smallest of four ‘dispersal areas’ in Wales, meaning at any one time around 150 people seeking asylum are living in  Wrexham through this scheme. Wrexham’s overall population is over 135,000. 


In 2015 Wrexham committed to welcoming refugees through the ‘Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme’. By the end of 2018 Wrexham had welcomed 10 families through this programme.


Wrexham ToS
Wrexham Town of Sanctuary Pledge

“I support the vision of Wrexham as a ‘Town of Sanctuary’, welcoming those fleeing violence and persecution in their own countries. I recognise the contribution made to Wrexham by refugees and people seeking sanctuary. I am willing to be contacted by Wrexham Town of Sanctuary with further ideas for how we can turn this pledge into practical action.”

Are you signing as and individual or on behalf of a group?
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