Every Minute Counts



St Joseph’s TCC group held a 'Big Community Conversation' workshop in March to look at issues affecting pupils at the school. Inthis workshop, in which around 50 pupils participated, the pupils heard lots of stories about people friends and families having to wait a long time for an ambulance after ringing 999.  They group decided they wanted to look into having more first aid training and potentially getting a defibrillator. 


The TCC group then went away and researched the advantages and cost of buying an AED (automated external defibrillator) for the school.

They found out that as many as 270 pupils die each year in schools across the UK from sudden cardiac arrest.


The next step was to present their proposal to the PTA, where their research paid off when the group efficiently answered tough questions that were posed to them.  Success!  Now St  Joseph’s has an AED in place, which could potentially save the life of a pupil, staff member, or visitor. 


The school’s TCC group are now launching a campaign to get a defibrillator in every secondary school in Wrexham, and will be highlighted their work at our 20th anniversary event.