Refugees Welcome in Wales

TCC members have long supported welcoming refugees, and taken action issues affecting people seeking sanctuary.

In 2016 TCC successfully campaigned for Syrian refugees to be welcomed to North Wales through the Syrian Vulnerable Person's Relocation Scheme. The scheme is fully funded by central government, and offers a home to the most vulnerable people currently in refugee camps in countries neighbouring Syria.


TCC has been campaigning for Wrexham County Borough Council to welcome refugees, and in May 2016 10 local leaders were at the Executive Board meeting to hear the good news.  Councillors thanked TCC for their involvement, and a round of applause sounded out from campaigners when the motion was passed unanimously.

The decision came a day after TCC published an open letter to Wrexham County Borough Council, asking for urgent action.  The letter was signed by the Bishop of St. Asaph, the Bishop of Wrexham, and 18 other local faith and community leaders, and offered to work with Wrexham County Borough Council to make sure refugees are truly welcomed to the local community.

Speaking immediately after the meeting, TCC leader Menna Davies said "We're thrilled with the decision today - we've been asking Wrexham County Borough Council to play its part, and feel this is a great first step.”

“However, we believe that Wrexham really could do more.  We heard today about the fantastic work Wrexham County Borough Council is doing to support children in Wrexham, but over 1.5 million children have been forced to leave their homes in Syria and are now in a dire situation.  We feel Wrexham could really lead the way in Wales and welcome a greater number of people."

Councillors made mention of some of the negative comments made by a minority of the public.  In response to this TCC’s lead organiser Kay Polley said “What is clear from speaking to people in our members groups is that the vast majority of people really support welcoming refugees.  They understand how people have been forced from their homes through no fault of their own.” 

“Our members are really looking forward to welcoming new people to Wrexham, and the contribution they will make to our communities."

“TCC’s faith and community groups have committed to working with Wrexham County Borough Council to dispel any concerns and myths around refugees.  For example, people may not be aware that the scheme is fully funded, so there will be no cost to the Wrexham County Borough Council.  Or that we’re actually only going to be welcoming a very small number of people. “

Most recently TCC has been  co-ordinating Wrexham Town of Sanctuary. Click below to find out more about this.