Community organising training

TCC is the UK’s oldest community organising group and we have successfully trained and developed a growing alliance of powerful community leaders in North Wales since 1995.  TCC's original founding members were trained in the style of community organising practiced by Barack Obama's mentor, Greg Galluzzo of the Gamaliel Foundation. We build on this tradition, whilst adapting and learning from diverse leaders, as we continue to build community power across generations. 

Building relationships and building power is a long-term mission, and the training sessions we offer to members have been developed over the years by TCC’s experienced founding members, organisers and leaders. The training is designed to enhance the real-world learning gained from supporting each-other and taking action over time. 

TCC offers 3 main types of training: Learning Sessions, Young Leaders’ Training, Intensive Residential Training.

Our next half-day introduction to community organising is on Saturday 6th August, 10am - 2pm, Ty Calon Deeside.

Our next intensive residential training is on Friday 21st - Saturday 22nd October, at Noddfa Penmaenmawr.

If you would like to speak to one of the team about our training, contact

Residential training 

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Learning sessions

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Young leaders

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Comments from participants

“It’s given me confidence... I have rediscovered a back bone.”

“Very empowering and awakening… I wasn’t expecting this from a course on community organising!”

“I was impressed by the delivery of the course … I was pleasantly surprised to find the one-to-one scenarios powerful and uplifting and was given insight into my own strengths and weaknesses which will strengthen my own personal journey and challenge me to be effective within my own community.”


“I am equipped and empowered.”

“For all sorts of public and private reasons, I was feeling battered and knocked about, trying to please everyone and solve all problems. I now feel empowered not to have to do this. I need to have expectations of others and myself.”

“This has equipped me with the confidence, tools and energy to challenge power.”

“There is a clear step by step process to achieve goals – that is personal qualities and practical skills.”

“I now feel I have a clear idea of how to start building power within the local community.”

“The best training I have ever experienced. I have learned more about organising people and making a difference than in 20+ years in and working in education.”

“I feel I have been informed and am capable of being a local leader within my local community.”

“This training has been absolutely fantastic. Learnt so much. Feel empowered! Thank you!”


“I am going to become a leader.”  

“I now feel I have the tools I need to accomplish what I want.”

“I have learnt about the barriers within myself that prevent me being more courageous.”