TCC Campaign Kickstarter
Next training: summer 2021

TCC young leaders are running campaigns on: 

  • Mental Health 

  • LGBTQ+ education 

  • Anti-racism 

  • Climate change 

Young people in TCC member groups and schools can get involved, by joining our upcoming training. 


The training will build skills and confidence so young people can take action on issues that affect them.  Online sessions are interactive and explore campaign issues which are important to young people, and will develop key skills in community organising and campaigning such as working with decision makers and running effective meetings. This training will also be an opportunity to have fun and meet with other young people from across North East Wales and TCC staff (virtually). Following your training session, you can join TCC young leaders working on campaigns collaboratively online using apps and continue to meet online at our Youth in Action meeting once a week. 


Summer dates for 2021 will be announced soon. Training sessions usually run for around 2 hours per week over 3-4 weeks, on a weekday evening. Timings may change to adapt to participants availability.   



Access to an internet connected computer, tablet or phone and Zoom is required to participate in these sessions. A parent or carer must give permission for their child to participate, through booking a place by clicking on the blue button above. Once you have booked a place, Lucy will be in contact to say hello and confirm the arrangements. The meeting will run on Zoom, so participants will be able to see and hear other young people and staff from TCC on their screen, and they can also appear on screen themselves via their device camera if they wish to.  


You can also contact the Youth and community organisers Chloe & Lucy to discuss the training, or book a place by emailing or calling 07307 358274. 


"I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about power, and how to speak to people. Before I got into TCC I wasn’t really confident at speaking to people, who I believed had more power than me. I also thought that my opinion wasn’t really valued, but with TCC I’ve learnt that my opinion is important and I know I can talk to anyone about it. I know how to approach someone in power and how to speak to them."


Comments from young leaders about working with TCC

"So what I like about TCC is the fact that you can not only help tackle issues within your community, but you can also listen to the opinions of other people, and get your own opinions heard, and that’s really nice."

"I have learnt that everyone has a say in what they want, and that people can come together to help solve one issue."

Our work with young people is funded by the Paul Hamlyn and Esmée Fairbairn Foundations through the Act for Change Fund.

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