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Hanson Cement

Two TCC members recently travelled to Cardiff to meet with officials from the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales. This meeting had been arranged by the previous health minister, Lesley Griffiths AM, and was to raise TCC’s concerns about the way in which the recent health investigation into Hanson Cement had been carried out, with the aim of improving future health investigations anywhere in Wales. The meeting went very well and those who went felt that TCC’s concerns were taken seriously, and that the investigation team was keen to learn from TCC about what they could do better in the future. TCC also presented our own report on the investigation. A written response will be sent to TCC from the new health minister Mark Drakeford AM; further information will be posted on our website.


If you’re interested in keeping updated in developments at Hanson Cement in Padeswood, a liaison committee meets quarterly and is open to anyone.  This liaison committee is attended by representatives from Hanson Cement, the Environment Agency, Flintshire County Council planning department, and county and local councillors.  It offers a chance to receive updates on operations at the site, and raise any concerns. TCC sits on the Padeswood Hanson Cement Liaison Committee, and has been involved with improving monitoring at the site for many years.


TCC circulates information from these meetings to our member groups.   If you would like to receive minutes from the last meeting, or attend the next meeting please contact TCC

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