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Would you like to join a diverse alliance of communities? ​


Our members really set our agenda and make our decisions.  We meet monthly to agree the issues and actions we want to work on.  Being a part of TCC means you have the strength and support of our other member groups when an issue affects your community.  Take a look at our current issues and achievements for the kind of things we do. Young people can also access regular TCC group meetings if their school is a member, as well as TCC's youth meeting, which usually takes place on Wednesday evenings in Wrexham. 


All member groups can participate in TCC’s residential training free of charge.  They can also arrange training specifically for their own group, again at no charge.  For example this could be a regular weekly session to fit in with an existing timetable, or a one-off full day event.  Training can have a specific focus to suit your group’s needs, such as growing the group, being more effective, or finding out what the community around you is interested in.  See our training page for more information. 

Membership is a commitment, and we expect all our members to be active in the organisation, supporting our issues and turning out members to events. All members pay annual membership dues, which depends on the size of the group or organisation.  Money should never be the reason to not join TCC, so we work with groups who are interested in joining to make sure their membership dues are affordable.  The majority of our funding comes from grants, so members pay a relatively small amount for membership.    


Being part of TCC means having a stronger position in the community.  It allows people from very different backgrounds to come together to share their experiences and expertise

Although we only offer membership to groups, individuals can still support TCC by sharing stories which relate to our current issues, or making a donation

Please contact us for further information about being part of TCC.

Join us

"My fifteen or so years of involvement with TCC have been invaluable in helping me gain enough confidence to set up  a Transition Town initiative in the Holywell area the aim of which is : "to bring together the head, heart and hands of the community in the face of Climate Change and diminishing resources."


Learning both theory and practice of how to run effective meetings, and coming to understand the vital importance of building good one-to-one relationships as the basis for a strong, successful organisation, have provided very useful "tools" in this respect.


Mixing with a cross-section of broadly like-minded people at a whole variety of TCC meetings, actions and events has been consistently stimulating and enjoyable - sometimes challenging - and often great fun!"


Roberta Owen, Transition Holywell and District

"So what I like about TCC is the fact that you can not only help tackle issues within your community, but you can also listen to the opinions of other people, and get your own opinions heard, and that’s really nice."

"I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about power, and how to speak to people. Before I got into TCC I wasn’t really confident at speaking to people, who I believed had more power than me. I also thought that my opinion wasn’t really valued, but with TCC I’ve learnt that my opinion is important and I know I can talk to anyone about it. I know how to approach someone in power and how to speak to them."

"I have learnt that everyone has a say in what they want, and that people can come together to help solve one issue."

Young people from TCC's school groups and youth meeting

"TCC membership is the manifestation of the adage "In unity there is strength."  It is a means of giving the weak and helpless a voice and an opportunity to  influence developments in a way that would otherwise be impossible. This in turn gives people confidence and self esteem which are the necessary ingredients of good citizenship."  


Gareth Davies Jones, Capel y Groes



"I dont feel pessimistic or despairing about life.  I get out of bed in the morning, feeling better, because through TCC I am playing my own small part in building a better world. 


I saw a persecuted old lady who couldn't sleep in her own house pull a big company off its perch and get justice.  I saw another big company fight us till they had to give up and work alongside TCC and were forced finally to agree that incineration does in fact pour dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.


I saw TCC stop the UK Borders and Immigration Department from unjustly deport thirty valuable careworkers and many more in the UK.


I saw TCC help make Fairtrade a major player in Denbighshire.  All of this, and much much more, brings me joy."


Fr Charles Ramsey, St Mary’s Rhyl


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