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There are only around 50 Changing Places Toilets in the whole of Wales. Many of these are only accessible at certain times of day. In North-East Wales, there are only 9 on the Changing Places Toilets map, most of which are in Wrexham. You can look online to find your nearest Changing Places here.


This lack of Changing Places Toilets in Wales excludes many people from being part of the community, putting time limits on how long people can stay out, or how far people can go from home. We want to change that, and we are taking action to get more #ChangingPlacesForWales

In 2021, TCC leaders successfully secured the commitment of Broughton Retail Park to install a CPT. The development plans are currently being drawn up.

In 2022, TCC leaders have filmed a campaign video to highlight this issue and raise local support for more #ChangingPlacesForWales. 


What we want:

  1. We are asking local councils to update their toilets strategies to include Changing Places Toilets.

  2. We are asking our MPs and MSs to find a way of securing the funds for Welsh communities to have CPTs. 

You can support this campaign:

  1. Please go to our Facebook page, like and share this video FAR AND WIDE.

  2. Use our Easy Read letter template and write to your local councillor, your MP or your Member of the Senedd and tell them why Changing Places are important to you. 

  3. You can also look at planning applications in your area, and you can object to any major developments that do not include Changing Places Toilets. To do this, go to your council website and search planning applications.

People have been excluded and ignored for long enough.

It is time for #ChangingPlacesForWales

Changing Places For Wales