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For secondary schools supporting mental well-being in Wales 



Thank you for signing up to Healthy Minds Haven. We’re so pleased you would like to make your school more supportive around the issue of mental health.

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We understand becoming a Healthy Minds Haven will take time, energy and commitment, but even just taking this step shows your whole school community you care about their wellbeing.  Click the blue box to download resources and ideas about how you can meet the Healthy Minds Haven criteria.

What works for us might not be the same for your school community, so we encourage you to start positive and open conversations about mental health, and what your school community would like to see. You can also download ‘working towards becoming a Healthy Minds Haven’ certificate throughout your journey, to show your commitment to nurturing good mental health.


 When you have completed the criteria, please complete the form on our website or send a short email to explaining how you have met the checklist criteria. Then we’ll send you your Healthy Minds Haven certificate.   


We understand in the busy and hectic environment of a school, it may not be possible to complete all the criteria on the checklist. Your school community will still benefit from any time invested in creating a learning community that feels positive around the subject of mental health, and we hope the Healthy Minds Haven checklist is a useful resource, even if you don’t intend to apply for the award. Healthy Minds Haven has been developed by young leaders who are experts by experience, with the support of TCC (Trefnu Cymunedol Cymru/Together Creating Communities). If you have any questions or would like support with the award please contact TCC: / 01978 262588  

We would love to see what you put in place at your school - please share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


Good luck with your journey 


Ieunctid yn Gweithredu TCC / TCC’s Youth in Action Group  

Our work with young people is funded by the Paul Hamlyn and Esmée Fairbairn Foundations through the Act for Change Fund.

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