Holywell speed limit

Could you help a family cross the road? 


This action is being led by Transition Holywell and District.   


The A5026 runs through a built-up area of central Holywell, past several large housing estates.  Children living on the estates have to cross the road to get to school, but there is no pedestrian crossing, and the road's speed limit is 40mph. The road is very wide, and with several bends in the road, visibility is very poor.  This results in a dangerous situation for children and other vulnerable road users needing to cross to these estates.  It is also dangerous for motorists pulling out of junctions along the road. 

We therefore petition Flintshire County Council to reduce the speed limit to 30mph for the length of the A5026 as it passes through Holywell.   


Wedgewood Heights is a large residential housing area, which meets the A5026.  The junction is especially dangerous, as it is difficult to see either way down the road, due to a bend in the road to the right and a restricted view to the left.  Cars approaching at 40mph (and more) mean it is difficult to safely exit the junction in a car, and especially difficult for school children and the elderly to safely cross the road to get into the town centre.

The A5026 - Fron Park Road / Holway Road

Members of Transition Holywell & District have collected over 300 signatures to reduce the speed limit along this road from 40mph to 30mph.  These names will be presented to Flintshire County Council at the public meeting.


Mum of three Anke Kadelka-Williams (above with Lowri, Mabli,10, and Tobi,6), lives just off the A5026.  She says “We have invited town and county councillors to the meeting, and have received considerable support from our AMs, especially from Sandy Mewies and Mark Isherwood."

“We are also waiting for a second reply from Neal Cockerton, Head of Transportation at FCC, as his first reply was very disappointing."

"It is clear from talking to residents of the many housing estates which lead directly onto this road that they are unhappy about the present situation. As there are no safe crossing places it is particularly dangerous for children and for elderly people wanting to walk to town. We find it hard to understand why this section of road has not been included in the dangerous roads list – as residents – including myself - have raised concerns about it on several occasions."


"Pedestrians have rights too!”

Lowri, 12, has to cross the road twice a day to get to school and back.


"Sometimes the cars see me and let me across but usually I have to wait a long time."


"It's really difficult because I can't see around the corner, and the cars come along very fast."

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