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"Hi, my name is Brenda.  Are you like me frustrated with the respite care for the under 65s?  Well let’s do something about it.  This is my story, perhaps you can relate to it. 


My husband John who is 52 has had a neurodegenerative condition for the past 22 years.  I have cared for him during this time, with regular respite once a month for a week.  Recently, he has been assessed as needing nursing care rather than residential, and I am struggling to get him the care he needs, especially where he can be with people of a similar age. 


I have brought this issue to TCC, and now we would like to know is there anyone out there in a similar situation.  If so please get in touch, and let’s do something about this together.”


Brenda is a member of St. Margaret’s Church, which is a member group of TCC. Sadly, since writing this message, Brenda's husband has passed away.  Amazingly, Brenda is still working together with leaders from other TCC groups to research this issue.  They would like to hear about your experiences of respite for people under 65, whether this is good or bad.


Please use our contact form to get in touch with the group. 

Respite care for the under 65s

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