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TCC recognized as National Changemaker

TCC have been recognized as one of 100 Future Generations Changemakers at a recent awards ceremony at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff. The Changemaker list consists of 100 individuals and organisations large and small, that are seen to be making a positive difference to the world which surrounds us. Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe stated that: “This event is about recognising just some of the people demonstrating what happens when we put well-being first, work together and consider the long-term implications of our actions, and highlights the need to support changemakers so that they can improve society for everyone.   The Future Generations Changemaker 100 is merely a snapshot of Wales’ brilliant changemakers, and we want others to share the people who inspire them, and keep the momentum going for now and for future generations.”  TCC said that it was an “honour and a privilege” to be part of the event, which “encompassed so many striving for positive societal change”.


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