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Joining online meetings with Zoom

As TCC has, for the time being, had to stop our face-to-face meeting we've decided to hold some of our meetings online.  If you've not had a meeting online it's a great chance to learn some new skills!  If you would like help with any of this please get in touch.

You'll need a computer, tablet, or phone with a camera and sound so that we can all hear and see each other.  To join a meeting, click the link which has been sent to you by email. 


If you're using a computer you can either: 

- Download the Zoom app before the meeting (you only have to download the app once, then it might make it a bit easier for you to use)

- Not download anything and just join via your web browser. 

If you're joining using a phone or tablet you will need to download the app in advance and create or sign into an account to use it.  To get the app just search for 'Zoom' wherever you would normally find your apps.  

Once you click the link to join the meeting, if you've got the Zoom app downloaded you'll see a screen like the one below. 


You'll then see a screen like below. Click 'Join with Computer Audio'.


If the meeting hasn't started you might see the 'waiting room'.  Once the meeting starts you'll see yourself and anyone else who has already arrived, which should look like the below screen. 


At the beginning we'll explain how the meeting will work and anything you need to know.  

You don't really need to do anything during the meeting, we should be able to see and hear you as usual.  

If you move your mouse the controls should appear.  This allows you to hang up, and turn your video and audio on and off.  In meetings with several people it is helpful if you keep your audio muted when you're not speaking, so we don't all hear lots of background noise.  To do this click the button as shown below.  Just remember to click it again when you want to speak otherwise we won't be able to hear you! 

The person running the meeting can also mute and unmute your audio, so always check it is unmuted before you speak.  

Zoom controls.png

The audio and video controls will be at the bottom left of the screen.   

Zoom controls2.png

If you click the Chat button in the middle you'll be able to see any messages which others have written, and you can type in a message during the meeting which everyone will be able to see.  

Any questions at all please get in touch.  We're very happy to set up practice calls if you would like to try it to see how it works ahead of a meeting.  

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